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Here are some pictures from the September, 2006 New England Pinto Horse Association Area Championship show.
We took Cowboy, Princess and Buckshot, and all did three well! Princess won the Miniature Division halter championship and they swept the trail class with Princess 1st, Cowboy 2nd and Buckshot 3rd out a class of sixteen. We were proud of all three, but especially Buckshot as he's only a one-year old.

All the pictures are by Ellen Leffingwell - Photography to Remember

  The New England Pinto Miniature Division Area Champion Horse.  
  Buckshot went in the the big horses in halter and won a ribbon in a HUGE class.  
  Princesss with her championship winning pose.  
  Here's a picture of Cowboy's nice jumping form. He took fifth in Hunter.  
  And here's Princess in her first time out jumping...and she beat Cowboy with a fourth place finish!  
  Now on to trail, here's a series of pictures of the three of them going over some obstacles. There were 16 horses in the class.  
  Buckshot was 3rd...